Citizens prepare the first ‘garbage traps’ in Mazatlan


The inventor of the containers in the form of fish prepares a new environmental project to prevent more waste reaching the sea from the Juarez bridge

Sofia Trejo, the citizen who revolutionized with the massive campaign against garbage in Easter, now goes for another environmental project: place on the Juarez bridge the first “trash catcher” to stop the debris being dragged by the stream Jabalines and the estuary of the Infiernillo.

It is a team that only requires recyclable material, as it is made with networks donated by fishermen and PET boats. The first tests have already been carried out on this project and the objective is to help stop the garbage in the next rainy season.

And she tells us how the idea was born.

“I saw a photo, it’s a barrier they’re using in rivers in Guatemala, they published it in a magazine, they use a whole technique to make it and I thought it was interesting, I already had the concern of something like that to contain all the waste from the estuary of Infiernillo , because it is an outlet to the sea, that’s where all the garbage goes and it’s about avoiding as many as possible, “he shared.

In Guatemala they are called bio-fences, but here they have been called “garbage-trap barriers”.

“They are PET bottles that fit, tie and then cover them with net, it is recycled and tied with thread from the net so that it resists water and strength. We are being helped by a team of two teachers and about five students from Itmaz; the plastic was donated to me by the Hispano-American school, “he said.

Sofia Trejo

Sofia Trejo is no longer unknown, she promoted last month in Mazatlan one of the most important massive anti-trash campaigns in Sinaloa. In his social networks he shared a tweet where he proposed colorful containers, in the form of fish to deposit PET in those days of high tourist influx. His initiative had such an echo that businessmen, civil organisms, and authorities united to impel the campaign. And it worked.

This initiative allowed the installation of cotenedores in the form of fish, snail, and shark in the access to the beach.

Now Sofía Trejo, the marine food engineer, is going again, now to prevent the garbage from reaching the sea from the estuary of El Infiernillo, the most polluted in Mazatlán.

The objective is to place two garbage traps, at least 40 meters above the Juarez bridge.

“I started knocking on doors, we communicated with Humbero Becerra, for example, who helped us last season, he was very interested; municipal Ecology was involved and we are in tests because there is passage of boats. The tests are because we do not want this to act as a ghost network, but as a barrier and when the water drains the garbage there it stays “

And everything indicates that it will be a reality, since a first prototype has already been made.

What has also surprised Sofia is the attitude of the citizens, of many who have joined.

“The idea is to spread, to share, you can do many things like this, which do not cost, they are there, but it is a matter of will. The truth is that many people have supported me in this, “he said.

This is how Sofia enlists a new idea, but she also needs support. At the moment it requires large PET bottles, if you have to donate you can help with these garbage traps.

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