Durango fires largest in the country


Durango joined the list of Mexican states with the largest fires in the season, which merited the presence of brigadistas from other entities for the combat that is done in coordination with the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena).

In a press conference, federal and state authorities indicated that the deflagration registered in the town of Santiago Bayacora, in the Sierra del Nayar, is among the largest in the country.

The governor of the State José Rosas Aispuro Torres informed that on Friday, brigades from Chiapas arrived, who together with the local teams of the National Forestry Commission (Conafor) and elements of the Sedena, have been deployed in the capital community to put out the fire that It takes several weeks.

Due to the magnitude, the governor reported that from this Friday an M1 helicopter belonging to the Federal Police will be used, which will allow the transfer of the brigadistas to the affected areas.

In addition to this disaster, there are others of consideration in the municipality of Mezquital, in San Lucas de Jalpa and Duraznitos.

He affirmed that the fires have caused an important forest impact, which includes affectation in the animal species.


Among other things, Durango is one of the most impacted states because it is the first forest reserve in the country, with approximately 530 billion cubic meters of total tree roll. It is worth mentioning that these resources allow annual production of 11,416 million cubic meters of water.

Aispuro Torres said that the amount of forest area “makes us very vulnerable to fires, especially in the dry season.”

In this sense he warned that according to the report of the National Water Commission (Conagua), the rains will reach the state until July so “we have to continue making an effort to control the fires.”UPDATED FIGURE

Until May 24 the authorities had counted a total of 114 forest fires in the year.

These losses have affected 17 thousand hectares, it has been rescued that only seven percent is adult trees and renewed. The rest, 93 percent, corresponds to litter and pasture.

The municipalities with the greater affectation are Mezquital, New Town, San Dimas, Tepehuanes, Canatlán, Guanaceví, Topia, Canelas, Otáez and Santiago Papasquiaro.

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