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Cancun Violence out of Control

Cancun, May 23, 2019.- The man, a barber, who was taken by force from his premises and forced into a car, yesterday in Region 220, was found today quartered in the colony of El Pedregal.

The dismembered body was inside a container, covered by several bags, on a dirt road of this settlement, about one kilometer from Cancún Avenue (“Las Torres”).

On scene arrived the Municipal, Military and Naval Police, as well as the Gendarmerie, followed by the experts of the Prosecutor’s Office, who found that the body had multiple bruises, indicative that he had been beaten, perhaps tortured, before he was killed.

The deceased’s sister arrived at the place and confirmed that it was the owner of a barbershop in the 220 Region of the city, which yesterday afternoon was “attacked” by armed individuals.

Source:  newsquintanaroo

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