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39 thousand students benefited in Mazatlan from AMLO scholarship

Students will receive 800 pesos per month, which will be delivered bimonthly; In total there will be 39 thousand students who will benefit in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After a long wait, the students of José Vasconcelos High School have already received the first payment of their Benito Juárez scholarships in the hands of the superdelegate of Federal Programs for Social Development, José Jaime Montes.

Although not yet delivered to all, it is expected that the port will provide support to 39 thousand young students of basic education, of which some are still in the process of the census.

“It is a universe of 39 thousand students, we are verifying them, now we are delivering the first stage of those that are already organized, and we are going to continue with this process, we are doing an integral operation, we are at the same attention tables giving the support to older adults, people with disabilities, mothers of families, Benito Juarez scholarships for basic education and here we also come in a special way to this high school for being the largest in the state, “he said.

José Jaime Montes reiterated that those who do not yet have their support will be able to acquire it in the future, since the census continues and will continue in the subject of basic education.

“Varies in each school, there are schools that were reached to take a census before leaving on Easter holidays, and everyone arrives, but those who did not get census will receive the one that follows,” he said.

On the subject of universities, the superdelegate explained that they are doing a special operation to be able to make a real standard and be able to support as many people as possible.

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