Mazatlan: New developments in El Dorado and Gaviotas will enter under the Airbnb scheme


This system works through a platform that offers the offer of private accommodation as if it were a hotel or vacation rental

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The new vertical real estate developments that are being built in the Gaviotas, El Dorado and Ferrocarrilera subdivision will work under the Airbnb scheme, a vacation rental system.

Representatives of the real estate guild that develop projects in these settlements, offered a press conference to face the complaints of neighbors.

However, Carlos Escobar, representative of Desarrollos Capsa, confirmed that these works will enter the Airbnb scheme, which does not pay the Lodging Tax.

How many of those developments that you represent, will you enter under the Airbnb scheme ?, you were questioned.

“The majority and in fact we are very happy, I think that like all Mazatlan we should be very happy because the Airbnb scheme has come to bring thousands and thousands of new tourists to Mazatlan,” he said.

However, hoteliers have expressed their rejection of the Airbnb platform due to unfair competition and tax evasion.

Even in an interview with Reacción Informativa, the head of the Municipal Planning Institute, Norberto Álvarez Romo, said that a worrying issue for Mazatlán is the Airbnb platform.

“It’s a little disturbing for me, that many of the departments are entering the Airbnb modality and that’s causing a lot of problems for people because there’s a lot of partying, a lot of relaxation, it’s been like an outburst of lifestyle”, manifested on May 15.

Source: reaccion informativa

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