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With the arrival of the National Guard, violence will continue to decrease in Sinaloa

José Antonio Crespo López considered it important to reinforce security in the entity since the police elements that are counted are older adults are already retiring, and leave society helpless in the face of crime

Mazatlan, Sin.-   Before violence rates have increased in Sinaloa, the key to combat criminal offenses base is the arrival of the National Guard and the strengthening of both municipal and state police elements, as most of them are seniors in retirement, said José Antonio Crespo López.

The local MP for MORENA said that the priority of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is about keeping the security and integrity of the country, so you should not criticize their actions, because in the first six months of his term he cannot repair the problems left by previous governments. 

“What we do not want here in the Congress is that autonomy is lost, we want the national guard to come and we want the security elements to walk precisely with them so that there is a greater number of elements circulating, when you see the national guard already circulating I swear to you and I guarantee that the crime here in Sinaloa will continue to go down. “

The official said that the main ones in unleashing violence are the young people who are involved with organized crime, but he trusts that the “Young people contracting the future” program promoted by the Federal Government will be a trigger for them to turn to see the opportunities They have to prepare and be good people, but not criminals.

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