Environmental disaster over 5,000 trees cut for AMLO new Santa Lucia airport


The Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) will withdraw 5 thousand 195 trees located in the Military Air Base No. 1 for the construction of the International Airport of Santa Lucia, equivalent to 1,814 cubic meters of wood, according to the Environmental Impact Statement prepared by the Institute of Engineering of the UNAM.

The document also warns that to date the Sedena does not have a budget for the application of the measures of prevention, mitigation and environmental recovery of the project for the construction of the airport.

“But the staff of the secretariat is committed to immediately attend any event or event in environmental matters, applying the programs that are annexed in the Environmental Impact Statement with the use of their own resources.”

The trees that will be dismantled from 26 different species were planted with the construction of the airbase. The census made by the UNAM shows that there are one thousand 487 cedars and one thousand 193 pirules, which represent 51.6 percent of the trees that will be dismantled. It highlights 38 specimens of white cedar, a species cataloged under Special Protection in the NOM-059 of Semarnat.

The Manifestation of Environmental Impact indicates that it is considered to rescue a portion of the trees to relocate them along with the military installations.


The Army will dispose this year of 769 million 256 thousand 351 pesos for the operation of eight military forest nurseries of Sembrando Vida , one of the 25 priority projects of the federal government assigned to military personnel for their experience in tree production and reforestation.

The program seeks to reactivate the economy of 19 entities and aims to plant one million hectares of timber and fruit plants, which will be mixed with short and medium-term crops to rescue the field.

The resources are destined for the installation of six military forestry nurseries and the expansion of two more, acquisition of inputs and start of production of 12 million 765 thousand 400 forest plants to be produced in 2019 and the preparation of production by 2020.

The nurseries are in Cerro Azul, Perote, Tierra Blanca and Acayucan, in Veracruz; in Cárdenas and Balacán, Tabasco; Copalar, Chiapas, and Felipe Carrillo Puerto, in Quintana Roo.


More than 220 species of birds have been recorded in the vicinity of the Zumpango Lagoon, located only 10 kilometers from the Santa Lucia Air Base, of which 94 were registered in the vicinity of the project and use that area as “site of step, of percha or of foraging “, indicates the Manifestation of Environmental Impact.

It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to carry out studies on the dynamics of migratory birds during the dry season and rainy season since the study was carried out from January to March so that the time of greatest arrival was not recorded. After canceling the works of the NAIM, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that with this “Lake Nabor Carrillo is saved and the ducks are no longer going to flee.”

Source: milenio

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