Neighbors’ consent is overlooked on new Mazatlan condominium developments


Neighbors of at least eight subdivisions in Mazatlan join in launching an appeal to the Municipal Government, ask for respecting the law in buildings for tourism purposes on residential housing areas

The Municipal Government is overlooking the consent of neighbors to grant permits to build new housing developments, a public outcry and protest from neighbors from at least eight divisions of Mazatlan.

Inhabitants of Sábalo Country, Toreo, El Dorado, Los Pinos, Gaviotas, Lomas de Mazatlán, Flamingos and Palos Prietos, decided to join to launch an appeal to the City Council, the Municipal Planning Department, local councilors and legislators, demanding respect for the Law in new buildings for tourism and commercial purposes, in housing areas, said Ana Rosa Tirado, representative of Lomas de Mazatlan’s neighbors.

Héctor Sánchez, from the neighborhood of Palos Prietos, indicated that it is necessary for the municipal authority to update its studies on drinking water capacity and assess the value of other services in the city, saying that deficiencies have already been registered in the most basic issues, such as the garbage collection and the supply of vital liquid.

They pointed out that not complying with the Law and ignoring the voice of citizens could be grounds for impeachment of the authorities involved.

They assured that they will remain pending of some prompt answer, proposing a change of land usethat gives them certainty about their properties , that does not threaten their quality of life and that shows a new scheme for the benefit not only of the investors , but also of who live around.

Source: tvpacifico

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