Ex Mexican President Felipe Calderón in Yucatán to participate in the Mayan Rally


MÉRIDA.- Former President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa is back in Yucatan on the occasion of his participation in the 2019 edition of the Mayan Rally, a tour of classic cars in different parts of the Peninsula, according to the newspaper.

Yesterday an invitation to a conference given by the ex-president on Wednesday, the 22nd, at 7 o’clock in the evening, was broadcast on WhatsApp in the Uxmal room of the Holiday Inn hotel in this city, which suggests that he will remain in this part of the country several days.

It is not specified who or what group organizes the conference named in the invitation ” The challenges we face. The problems of Mexico and the public policies to solve them (2006-2012) “. It is requested to confirm the assistance to the telephone 99-99-92-09-67, although when that number is dialed there is no answer.

Calderon’s penchant for classic cars was also evident in the edition of Rally Maya last year, when he also participated, according to organizers, as co-pilot racer Michel Jourdain Jr. On that occasion, it was the fifth edition of the event, were on the tour boxer Juan Manuel Marquez, drivers Salvador Duran and Michel Jourdain Jr . and even a prince of Saudi Arabia, among others.

Today the Rally and ex-president were in the zone of Muna, in the south of the state.

Source: milenio, diario de yucatan

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