‘Clandestine’ Rehabilitation Centers in Sinaloa


The CEPTCA and the SSA announce operations with Municipal Governments to monitor compliance with the Law and regularize the centers that lack records before governmental regulators.

In Sinaloa , the operation of rehabilitation centers has grown, even behind the authorities’ backs , inhiding .

There are 135 duly registered rehabilitation centers in the state, in addition to those that operate without registration, estimating that it is between 15 and 20 percent of the total, said Cristhian Aldo Muñoz Madrid, head of the State Commission for the Prevention and Treatment of Addictions (CEPTCA ) Sinaloa.

He said that progress has already been made in the task of integrating the Municipal Governments to the task of supervising and regularizing all the centers, installing in the coming months Honorary Surveillance Commissions, integrating the authorities involved with the treatment of addictions, but also to institutions such as the National System for the Integral Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents and the State Councils for the Prevention and Attention of Family Violence, because the centers without registration will be automatically closed in 2020.ADVERTISING

Muñoz Madrid revealed that Mazatlan is one of the municipalities where the ‘red lights’ have been lit, finding seven houses that operate without a registry , where most of their managers have a registered center with antiquity, but open a new one that is lacking of the procedure .

Among these centers, the Colonia Federico Velarde neighborhood is located where a mutiny of inmates was registered on Friday , being temporarily closed for not having the conditions to operate in the face of the damages in the brawl, in addition to the search, but also for having detected that it exceeded its capacity of attention with more than 50 inmates, in a space for 35 annexed at the most.

Source: tvpacifico

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