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Food and drinks made with avocado in Mexico City

Eat and drink avocado in different presentations, from tatemado to the one prepared in cocktails and milkshakes. All delicious!

The fever for the avocado has no end. And I hope I never have it. Eating this delicious and creamy fruit is a recurring, expected and highly recommended national activity, which is practiced at any time of the year. However, we are still in the spring and nature is so wise, it gives us lots of it in this time.

Life favors us with avocados , so the least we can do is prepare them in all possible ways so that not a single one is wasted.

By: Ollin Velasco 

We took a walk through the city, looking for their most creative presentations. Thus we find several restaurants where they worship in an unusual way. Next, a taste of everything.

Breast in mole of avocado / Chez Mexique

This restaurant is fresh off the package, inside the boutique hotel Le Louis. As it is housed in a house of the nineteenth century, the theme of the letter is as if it were from that time, with ingredients and techniques rescued from the kitchen of Porfiriato .

The mole of avocado is a creation of chef Eli Macías . The dish consists of a chicken breast bathed in this preparation and accompanied by half fresh mango without bone and sprinkled sesame seed. Trying it all together is surprising: the bittersweet mango is perfect with avocado.

  • Address:  Monterrey 204, Colonia Roma Norte

Avocado Pizza / Huset

This option is not in the menu, but it is so helpful for its customers that in the kitchen they know that there is no day that they are not asked for it. The size of the pizza is small, but ideal for one person. Among their winning points are that the shore is super crispy, as well as that the slices of avocado are thin, so that you can taste the flavor without distractions.

Huset is a country food site, full of plants and good energy. All the time is green. So green, like your avocado pizza.

  • Address:  Colima 256, Colonia Roma Norte

Guacamole / 25DOS

It is the most classic recipe with avocado in the world, but it seemed reasonable to mention it here because in this restaurant, inside the Hotel W, they make it too rich. They put tomatoes, onions and chiles tatemados, as well as fresh tomatoes, sprouts and grasshoppers. But what makes it spectacular is that they molcajetean in front of your eyes and you put it on the table with chips that also do there. Knows home. We recommend you try it with the chef’s sauces.

  • Address: Campos Elíseos 252, Polanco.

Green-Go / Hanky ​​Panky

This exclusive speakeasy joined the movement with a cocktail called Green-Go. They do it with gin, sherry, lemon, avocado , alfalfa and black salt. The presentation is very elegant in a tall glass, and the taste of grass, citrus and gin do it all. The contrast with salt is immediate. The texture is very uniform, practically no lumps. Possibly ask for another one.

  • Address: Turin 55, Colonia Juarez.

San Antonio / Pueblo Chico

A drink quite different from the previous one. It is much more carefree, which does not mean that you have a lower quality preparation. Simply the avocado is less processed and requires a different alcohol. The San Antonio is made with mezcal, white cocoa, avocado puree and agave honey. The flavor is quite dominated by mezcal and the texture is a bit more lumpy, but it is not uncomfortable. The drink ends with a sheet of pineapple tatemada. It is very worth the adventure.

Address: Campeche 340, Colonia Hipódromo

Aguakaty Perry and avocado cookies / Chomp Chomp

Many places in the city have offered versions of avocado milkshakes, which soon disappear. Something we have to recognize from Chomp Chomp is that Aguakaty Perry has had it for years and is still valid and selling. Drink, contrary to what many would think, is not so heavy. In this place they know how to balance the fats of the milk with the avocado, so that it is not a pump in your stomach.

Another amazing thing is that they also sell cookies with avocado: crisp, light, with moderate sugar. They go perfect even with a malted one of the same ingredient. Together they do not feel like an excess.

  • Address: Tonalá 91, Roma Norte

Avocado tatemado / Tizne Tacomotora

As you hear it. It seems simple, but it is also our favorites. What they do is cut the fruit in half, remove the bone, sprinkle it with a rub of tortilla ash (which we do not understand how to make it taste so good, being only ash) and put it on the grill. After a few minutes, the avocado is roasted and ready to cut and placed on a blue tortilla. There are those who put a pinch of sea salt, but the truth is that it is only a delight.


  • Address: Diagonal no. 39, Col del Valle Centro

Source: Gourmet de México

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