Sinaloan woman is murdered in the USA; Family asking for help


Residents have created a page of GoFundMe to help funeral expenses of Rosa “N”, to get her remains brought back to San Ignacio, Sinaloa

When she went out for a walk on the streets of Long Beach, in Southern California, Rosa “N”, aged 63, was attacked by a 27-year-old boy who began hitting her with a scooter to steal her belongings. woman born in San Ignacio, Sinaloa, was lying on the pavement with serious injuries and the minutes of the attack died.

While waiting to move her body to her homeland and be surrounded by her family who saw her leave for the United States, the Sinaloa community in Long Beach stated that she is in mourning for the brutal assassination of Rosa “N” that occurred on the last May 13, when she went out to make her way around some blocks near her house as she did every day in the afternoon.

The authorities of Long Beach captured on Tuesday a local resident who was identified as Amad Rashad, and who is detained hours after the violent incident that occurred on East 64th Street in this coastal city.

The local police reported that according to the investigation, Rosa “N” had just visited some friends and then continued her journey with ease. It was three blocks from her home, when a young man approached her and intercepted her to remove some valuables.

Detectives have not reported whether the victim resisted the assault, but the man allegedly began to beat her and where she is assured that she used the scooter as a weapon to commit the murder.

According to Long Beach police spokeswoman, Shaunna Dandoy reported that none could help Rosa “N”, who was found on the pavement of the street, with serious injuries to the upper torso and the place died.

The alleged thief is accused of homicide and was posted a bond of two million dollars established by the local Police Department. 

Hispanics in Long Beach since last Monday held a vigil at the place where Rosa “N”, who was a very dear woman in her community, was murdered.

The body of the Sinaloan remains in that city and residents have created a page of GoFundMe to help the funeral expenses of Rosa “N” and that her remains are brought back to where she was raised in San Ignacio. Descend in peace Rosa!

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