Sinaloa does not deserve a “Travel Warning Alert”


The Secretary of State Tourism maintains that the safety indices in the state are positive and that an effort will be made for the United States to remove this label from Sinaloa

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Given the repeated occasions on which the United States has issued its ‘Travel Warnings’ alerts in which it includes the State of Sinaloa, the Secretary of State Tourism, Óscar Pérez Barros, assured that the insecurity indexes They deserve to be classified as dangerous, so they announced that they will redouble their efforts to eradicate this.

“Mazatlan has neither (Warning) nor Topolobampo, the tourist destinations do not have, but we must be realistic: Mazatlan is Sinaloa … the mere fact that Sinaloa is (included) affects us in one way or another. It’s what we’re trying … We’re going to play whatever we have to play and we’ll go where it has to go. “

“I say it with those words: (in) Sinaloa and Mazatlan we do not deserve to be in that Warning, it’s not true, we do not have it! Because the numbers and things are saying it, the cruisers are telling you, airlines, the international chains are telling you … that is what we want to convey: ‘We are not bad’ “, he emphasized.

To the aforementioned, the state official said that in terms of insecurity, Sinaloa has declined from seat number six to 27, so he stressed that things are going well.

Source: reaccion informativa

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