CFE forgives debt for 11 billion pesos to Tabasco; now it will have the cheapest rate in Mexico


VILLAHERMOSA, Tabasco .- Governor Adán Augusto López Hernández announced the “clean slate” to the historical debt of 11 billion pesos that thousands of users held with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), as well as a “fair” rate. for the entity, the 1F, the cheapest in the country.

The agreement of the government of Tabasco with the CFE comes after almost a quarter of a century of “civil resistance” of non-payment of light that, since 1995, promoted by the now president of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and since then, became the flag and campaign promise, first, of the PRD and then of Morena, against the high electricity rates.

In an announcement, he made the morenista agent in the Palace of Government, in the middle of thunderous and prolonged standing applause of politicians of all the parties, industrialists, local and federal deputies, mayors, senators, and religious and social leaders, the reason why they considered ” a historic day “for Tabasco.

Lopez Hernandez reported that the negotiation with the CFE, in the coming days will sign the agreement “Goodbye to your debt”, which is granted to the state electricity tariff 1F, the lowest in the country and cancels the historical debt of more of 11 billion pesos of users in “civil resistance”.

“The end of the debt of more than 11 billion pesos, which for decades we Tabasco have been supported by the CFE and most importantly, Tabasco is granted the lowest tariff in the National Electric System,” he said.

He explained that the only condition is that users go to the offices of the CFE to sign a contract, which previously did not exist, and opt for traditional bimonthly billing or a postpaid service.

“There is no other condition, the 1F tariff will apply in a general manner for the entire State, for the 17 municipalities, without any distinction,” he said.

There will be a period of 180 days to regularize the situation of each of the users and may be extended for up to 180 more days.

The signature of the document will be finalized next week and the billing with the 1F tariff will be from next June.

During the period of regularization, there will be no massive cuts of light or individual domestic service and before the end of the year, the state government must pay about 300 million pesos that the debit owes to the CFE.

Adán Augusto highlighted the work of academics and researchers from the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT), to make the preferential tariff a reality, since for nine years they were working on a diagnosis of the average temperature and relative humidity of the State and energy consumption by use of air conditioners.

He said that it will be necessary to update this study year after year to show that Tabasco does not fall below an average annual temperature of 33 degrees Celsius.

He also acknowledged the support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, “because without his support this agreement is truly a historic achievement for the Tabasco people, because it would not have been possible,” he said amid an ovation for the countryman and tenant of the National Palace .

“It represents a historic achievement for Tabasco”, celebrated the tabasqueño morenista federal deputy, Manuel Rodríguez González, president of the Energy Commission.

“These benefits will have a positive impact on the state economy, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador keeps his word with Tabasco and gives a definitive answer to an old demand from his countrymen,” he added.

Civil resistance for 24 years

After contending for the gubernatura of Tabasco in 1994, postulated by the PRD, Andrés Manuel López Obrador denounced fraud of the PRI in favor of its standard-bearer, Roberto Madrazo Pintado.

In protest, he started a civil resistance movement in 1995 against what he called Madrasian usurpation and included the non-payment of electricity to the CFE for the high tariffs and repudiation of the federal government for supporting the PRI fraud.

Over time, thousands of CFE users joined the “civil resistance” movement of non-payment of electricity, without a precise number of how many there are, but according to figures from the company in September 2018, they added around 530 thousand of a standard of 755 thousand clients.

Since then, the PRD has championed the movement for the “clean slate” and preferential tariff for Tabasco, but when Morena was born in 2011, first as a civil association, she snatched that demand from the Aztec sun.

Even as a national leader of Morena, in November 2015, López Obrador gave a start at the Plaza de Armas in Villahermosa to brigades and trucks of the civil resistance, with the purpose of touring the entire state and raising complaints against the CFE. rate abuses and power cuts.

During the PRI government of Andrés Granier Melo (2007-2012) it was tried for the first time to resolve the conflict, with preferential tariff agreements for those who consumed less than 500 bimonthly kilowatts, or to deduct one peso of debt for each peso paid by those who owed more of 50 thousand pesos.

Everything was a failure and Granier inherited from his PRD successor, Arturo Núñez, a debt of one thousand 500 million pesos for consumption of the state government.

In March 2015, effective October 31, 2018, Governor Arturo Núñez signed the agreement “De la mano por Tabasco” with the then director of the CFE, Enrique Ochoa Reza, supposedly to benefit 90% of users with debts and foster “the culture of fair and timely payment”. The agreement was similar to that of Granier with supports, reductions and facilities for those who were up to date in the payments.

It also failed.

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