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US citizen hits vendors, several people, and vehicles in a dash to the border to escape Mexican police

The events occurred around 3:00 pm on Monday, May 13. An American, driver of the vehicle and a woman were arrested by the authorities.

Police say during the chase the suspect hit 17 vehicles, 14 “moving mobile stalls” and ran over five people.


TIJUANA, Mexico – An American citizen was arrested after he crashed into more than a dozen other vehicles, smashed vendor stalls and ran over five people while speeding toward the San Ysidro border crossing, Mexican police said Monday.

The man allegedly threatened a Mexican citizen with a knife in Avenida Manuel Marquez de Leon, according to a Facebook post by the Tijuana Secretary of Public Security. When police arrived, the man drove off toward the border in a black Chevrolet Silverado pickup with a Utah license plate, police said.

As the pickup sped toward the border crossing, it hit 17 other vehicles, knocked over 14 vendor carts and ran over five people, the police said.

The site was attended by paramedics from the Red Cross and Firefighters who had seen seven injured, five of them were transferred to a hospital.

Finally, the subject was arrested as well as a woman who accompanied him. Both suffered injuries.

North American runs over pedestrians in Tijuana

Source: zetatijuana, elimparcial, cbs8, fox

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