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The Mexican Army among the most powerful in the world

The  Mexican Army  was considered one of the most powerful in the Americas, according to the Global Firepower Global Ranking (GFP) 2019.

The United States, Russia and China  are in the first three places, due to the great power that their militia means.

According to the GFP website, this assessment was made based on the qualification of  55 factors, which reward or penalize each military group.

Among these aspects are the number of weapons available, however, nuclear weapons were not taken into account  .

Geographic factors, logistics flexibility, natural resources and financial stability  of each nation were also taken into account  .

NATO allies received a bonus due to the theoretical exchange of resources to wage war.

Mexico  has a score of 0.5574, with a downward trend, when 0.0000 means the perfect rating, which places it in  the 34th place  in the list with 137 countries.

The armies Brazil, Canada and the United States, are the only countries that are above the military group commanded by Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

On the other hand, the worst qualified country in America is  Panama,  in the 133rd place, four places above  Bhutan  with 6,388 points.

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