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Mazatlan to be the first municipality to regulate the use of plastics

In the next few days a meeting will be held with the body of aldermen, chamber leaders and the mayor

Mazatlan, Sinaloa is committed to being the first municipality in the State of Sinaloa to legislate on limiting the use of single-use plastics, said Ecology Director Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo.

Prior to that, a few days ago the official held a first approach with some members of the body of council members, who decided to follow up on the issue and involve more agents to formulate and make this law a reality.

This initiative has resumed strength after a report from the UNAM where it highlights the negative impact that micro plastics generate on the environment.

“The idea is to make an extended meeting where the four regidores that we needed and the bosses, or rather, the directors of the cameras, will be there, so we stay, that is, we have to socialize the proposal and show them the report that the UNAM presents to justify this proposal … right now we are in that, in the organization, “he sustained.

In turn, Sanjuán Gallardo clarified that the mayor of Mazatlán supports this initiative and that what is now sought is for the council members to return to the idea and socialize.

“Nothing else was to inform (the aldermen) that they saw the report and that they would make the decision that if they supported and said ‘go, let’s find out how we are going to get in,'” the environmentalist said.

He also announced that it will be within the next few days when this meeting is held, which, he said, will be open.

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