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‘It is not just one, there are several construction companies that will be sued in Mazatlan’

The area of ​​Legal Affairs will act accordingly because the companies failed to comply with their contract, they were paid and did not complete the project, said the director of Public Works

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Not only is one, there are several construction companies that were paid for a work, signed a contract and did not fulfill their obligations; Under that understanding, through the area of ​​Legal Affairs will act accordingly, warned Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez. 

The director of Public Works clarified that in this procedure both local and state companies are involved, all for unfinished projects that started or should have done in the previous administration of Fernando Pucheta Sánchez.

“There are several construction companies; they are around three works of the Fais, and about eight those that are going to have conflict of those assigned with own resources “, explained.

The local official said that the legal area of ​​the Commune initiated the process to apply the pertinent sanctions against those construction companies for not fulfilling the contract. 

“We are going to initiate proceedings, that I can tell you; I do not know what the decision is going to be regarding procedure in the Legal Affairs department, what I can tell you is that there are companies that did not comply with the work they received in contract and that the times have run out “, he pointed. 

Garay Velázquez limited himself to disclosing the number of criminal proceedings, as well as the sanctions that each company will receive because, he said, that will hardly be decided by the lawyers, nor did it reveal the name of the construction companies. 

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