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In Mazatlan, many people drive but not everyone knows how to drive

Francisco Guerra González explained that not only is grabbing a vehicle and moving back and forth, but you have to know how to use it and direct it in traffic, using all the equipment

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  In the wake of different car accidents that occur after bad handling, not respecting speed limits, not using directional and others, the Municipal Traffic Director, Francisco Guerra González, acknowledged that in Mazatlan many people drive but not everyone knows how to drive.

And it is that he explained, not only is grabbing a car or motorcycle and accelerating and stopping, but it is knowing how to use directionals, recognizing traffic signs and so on.

“If we all put our two cents, we would be better as a society. The recommendation is to use the vehicle well at the time of driving, it is very different to know how to use a vehicle and know how to drive, very different just grab a vehicle to know exactly what it is and how it is used, “he explained.

Regarding the use of directionals, Guerra González pointed out that they are an important part of the vehicle to warn when it is going to turn around, to warn that it will be marched or it will take a return, but they are rarely used due to the lack of road safety education.

As sarcasm, the director of Municipal Transit reminded the public that directional lights do not waste gas, and the proper use of these helps prevent road accidents that we see every day.

“Directionals do not spend gas and help a lot in the road to warn other colleagues, we are all drivers. If it is good to warn if we are going to turn or put the intermittent if we have to stop for any situation, or whether the Transit allows us, “he said.

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