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Work is being done to remove the “Travel Warning” imposed on Sinaloa:

Mazatlan, Sinaloa., May 10 of 2019.-  The State Government working together to omit the “Warning” that the US authorities have issued over Sinaloa, highlighted Tourism Secretary Oscar Perez Barros and Secretary of Public Safety, Colonel Cristóbal Castañeda, during a meeting held with the hotel sector of Mazatlan.

Pérez Barros explained that it is sought by all means to obtain favorable results so that the signal imposed by the North American government to visit our entity is dispensed with. 
“The results in terms of security in our entity are favorable and the comments made are that things are doing well and congratulate us for that,” he added.

“The hotel chains interested in Mazatlan as Marriot, President, and others, have pointed out that all parts of security are important, and are currently interested because it is the only State where it proceeds positively in that regard, according to what its representatives have told us “, Assured the head of the Sectur.

In relation to the work meeting, which was attended by the Secretary of Public Safety with his team to explain everything that is being done in terms of security, explained that it was an approach with the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies (AHyET) ), and the Association of 3 Islands Hotels, to expose everything that is being done in terms of security.

For its part, the head of security in the entity said that it seeks to endorse communication channels with the hotel industry and the more relationship you have to address any incident that occurs with tourism, “we will be able to give timely responses” , he said. 
Regarding the issue of “Warning”, he reiterated that works closely with the Tourism Ministry and considered feasible to achieve its omission, where Sinaloa has greatly depressed the delinquency and violence indices, to the extent that is currently the state number 27 in this matter, in the country, a good result, without a doubt, but we must continue working to obtain more and better dividends, he said.

For the AHyET was its director, Julio Birrueta, and the Association of 3 Islands Hotels, Juany Ortega, among others.

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