Culiacán brothers pardoned in Malaysia return home for Mother’s Day


Luis Alfonso, José Regino, and Simón González Villarreal arrived this afternoon to the capital of Sinaloa, after spending just over 11 years in prison in the Asian country

Culiacán, Sin.- The three Culiacan brothers saved from being hanged in Malaysia after a judge sentenced them to death for the crime of drug trafficking were released and last night they are already at home in Culiacán, in the middle of the day. the mothers.

This is Luis Alfonso, José Regino, and Simón González Villarreal, who arrived a yesterday to the capital of Sinaloa, after spending just over 11 years in prison in the Asian country.

The three Culiacan brothers were arrested on March 4, 2008, allegedly with 29 kilos of methamphetamine in a megalaboratory in the industrial city of Johor Bahru.

In 2012 Luis Alfonso, Regino and Simón were sentenced by Judge Mohamed Zawawi, known as the “judge soga”, to the death penalty by hanging.

The brothers began the legal battle to try to reverse the decision of the judge and even intervened the Mexican embassy in Malaysia, however, the federal court upheld the sentence.

It was on September 20, 2018, after appealing to the Council of Clemency , Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj granted them pardon and commuted the death penalty for years in prison.

However, they have just been released and were able to be transferred to Mexico and their home in the Loma de Rodriguera neighborhood, Culiacán, where the Gonzalez Villarreal brothers have been received with joy by family, friends, and neighbors last night.

To do everything right and start over

When you get to Doña Carmen’s house in the Loma de Rodriguera, you can hear laughter and the clapping of hugs. They have a full house.

In an interview on arrival, the Gonzalez Villarreal brothers expressed their joy and gratitude to the Sultan of Johor who gave them the freedom and joy of returning to their land and with their “theirs”.

They opened the doors of their house to Línea Directa and told these microphones that they are eternally grateful to Ambassador Carlos Félix who did not leave them at any time, he supported them unconditionally and was always on the lookout for them.

“They told us that we had to move to another prison and in that prison it was when they gave us the news that they gave us freedom. It is the pure Day of the Mothers, it is the best gift the Sultan could have given to my mother, “they commented.

At the airport his parents and sister shouted and cried with joy. They ran to hug them. They did not expect them, it was a surprise that the ambassador helped them prepare, they said.

In the patio of the house, a great impromptu party was put together. His relatives did not believe the “miracle” and vehicles with dozens of people kept coming to greet them.

The three brothers also thanked the Pope who gave them the blessing and some rosaries that they have hung around their necks.

In the place some of his well-known men drink beer to celebrate. They did not, they talked and took pictures with the newcomers.

They only spent 11 years locked up in Malaysia, time in which they say, they never lost faith.

One of the brothers left a 3-year-old girl, now he found her turned into a 14-year-old lady and could not hold back the tears when he hugged her.

For the brothers, as they expressed it, this is a new opportunity to start over and resume their lives.

“To do everything right, to start a new life first of all God. To start again, but well, it’s a lived experience that I really do not wish to anyone or the worst enemy, “they said.

They added that in the time they were away, they never missed the letters from Sinaloa, they were written by both relatives and the people of “La Loma”. They never left them alone. They also thanked the Sinaloans for being aware of them.

“It’s a miracle to be here, it’s like being reborn”, expressed still incredulous of the moment they lived.

Source: linea directa

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