Mazatlan: Asking for 1 peso from 60 thousand people to be able to buy her prosthesis


Hello, good morning people, I am addressing you because I need 60 thousand people to support me with 1 peso, they will ask, why? I collected $ a while ago to fix my prosthesis, I stopped using it because I honestly felt more comfortable with my crutches and apart because because of before fixing my prosthesis with the $ I put together, they had to operate on me 2 times after my amputation and now almost 9 years after my accident, (and I know many will say why I want so far) I have decided to use it because my body asks for it, I walk and my knee flexes inward, as you will see in the picture and sometimes my foot swells. 
The prosthesis that I have is no longer available because my stump thinned out. 
Today for me, tomorrow for you, thank you very much, I hope to count on your support. 
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This is my Bancomer account #: 
4152 3130 9351 4573 
Ana Guadalupe Cabrera Baldenegro


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