In Mazatlan, more than 30% of the fish sold is NOT the one offered


According to Oceana studies, sierra and the marlin are the most substituted species, mainly in restaurants and fishmongers

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Oceana association , Protecting the Oceans of the World, presented on Tuesday the results of its study called “Gato por hare” , in which they report that in Mazatlán, 31.6 percent of the fish sold is NOT the one that the consumers arrive searching, that is to say, they ask of a species and they receive another without being warned.

In the port 120 portions of fish were examined in more than 35 restaurants, supermarkets, and fish markets, where it was concluded that many of these did not correspond to the name of the sale.

The president of Oceana Mexico, Pedro Zapata, explained that the sampling was not focused on any particular species, so this allowed to document a high diversity of species marketed in Mazatlan, registering at least 39 different species of fish that were sold under 23 tradenames.

The species that are more substituted are the marlin and the sierra; when marlin is requested, sailfish or swordfish are often sold, while for the sierra, almost any type of fish caught in the bays is sold.

In Mazatlan, in supermarkets, eight percent of the fish sold is not what it claims to be; in fish markets, 33 percent is replaced, while in restaurants 35 percent go through the same situation.

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