Mazatlan Association of Hotels Tres Islas, Not happy with Sinaloa Governor


Despite the fact that the Secretary of State Social Development, Álvaro Ruelas, and Carlos Berdegué, of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of the Golden Zone, announced that the “Puro Sinaloa” Day on Saturday, May 11 will be for the workers of the tourism industry and service providers, the leader of the Association of Hotels Three Islands, José Ramón Manguart, was upset because they never invited him to the press conference and nor to participate in the companies joined to this event where the governor will be Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

In an interview, Manguart, also general manager of the Hotel Olas Altas Inn, said that as a representative of the small and medium-sized hotels, that we are installed on the Malecón, we have not been invited to the press conference and to the Governor’s Saturday. “We make an estrangement and we point out that they have excluded us from tourism actions specific to the destination; we are part of the marketing and Promotion Committee, but we are not being included; We do not know what is being promoted, how it is promoted and who decides the promotion issues; I hope it is a communication problem, but there are already several events such as the Tianguis Turístico de Mazatlán 2018 to which we were practically not invited “.

Before the interview with José Ramón Manguart, Sinaloa en Línea was at the press conference where Secretary Ruelas and Berdegué agreed that Manguart was invited to the “Puro Sinaloa” Conference on Saturday. Even Berdegué himself said that Manguart apologized for not being at the press conference because of meeting with the association of hoteliers that he presides over.

Returning to the interview with Manguart, the young entrepreneur adds that many negotiations have not been invited, so he said that “as an association we have our own light; we do not have intermediaries (in reference to Berdegué), to participate in the tourism policy of the destination and in the promotion plans. Hopefully, this can be resolved as soon as possible because it is regrettable that there is no inclusive policy. “

Later, Manguart said that his Association has not been invited to the day puro sinaloa of Governor Ordaz Coppel and that “he has nothing personal against anyone, but this association has earned a working space for many years. We have been participating because we are not included, “he said.

He indicated that there are more important issues such as the call of attention to the state government and the municipality on the importance of generating an operation license to the issue of condominiums and apartments so that they can be regularized, there are tax domiciles and there are operating costs and the contributions as the whole company of the normal hospitality.

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