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At least three proposals to remodel Rafael Buelna Avenue in Mazatlan

The director of Public Works of the City Council said that they are bringing together all the proposals of the different agencies that are responsible for the remodeling of the avenue

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Rafael Buelna Avenue, one of the main rúas Mazatlan is about to be remodeled with an investment of 120 million pesos with federal, state and municipal resources, so different agencies are working in the projection of which is the best alternative to improve the avenue that both occupies the sidewalk and new pavement, said the Director of Public Works of the City Council, Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez.

“The president instructed us to atendiéramos the project Rafael Buelna, and our first task was to use different units of municipal, state character to obtain information necessary for that project, as IMPLAN, because they have made prospects what to do in Rafael Buelna. “

“In addition to knowing what we want to do there, is knowing the condition of different public services that transit through the Rafael Buelna, such as drinking water lines, the drainage line, structural terms of its pavement, topographic condition,” said Garay Velázquez

The engineer put in mind different questions that must agree with the neighbors where the avenue crosses, since it is necessary to be sure of what is going to be done, and that everything is in agreement, benefiting both businesses, passers-by, drivers , in this sense, add cyclists.

“What type of avenue would you like? What type of avenue would the neighbors like? What type of avenue would the shops in the area like? Is it to know if it requires a bike lane or does not require it? If they want wide sidewalks or they prefer that many cars go by, all that is important but we must land something that is useful for the citizenship “.

“What would you like? A three-meter-wide stool with three lanes for the cars? Or a bench with five meters wide and two lanes to circulate the vehicles? Or a ridge with pure cement in the center? nothing, or wide or that in that ridge has a ciclovía? “, detailed.

-When would a consensus be made with the neighbors of the area?

“In fact right now we are presenting at least two proposals that could be contrasted with the authorities that are part or the colleges of engineers and architects, and we do not have many alternatives, we are talking about two to three alternatives,” he said.

Those alternatives that the Director of Public Works commented projected them in the following way:

-Wide baskets, ciclovía in the median and two lanes for vehicles.

– Narrow belts, cycleway on the ridge and three lanes for better vehicle circulation.

narrow -Banquetas with ciclovía aside, narrow ridge and two vehicle lanes.

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