The pilot of a crash in Coahuila participated in the criminal empire of ‘El Chapo’


Juan José Aguilar Talavera, who piloted the plane, was arrested in 2006 by the PGR in Tijuana for organized crime.

Captain Juan José Aguilar Talavera, who was piloting the plane that crashed in the municipality of Ocampo, in Coahuila, was arrested in 2006 by the then Attorney General’s Office (PGR), accused of organized crime and trafficking of undocumented immigrants. by being part of a criminal cell that worked for Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán.

On July 20, 2006, Tijuana airport reported the arrest of 11 members of a cell in El Chapo Guzmán, among them were the pilot Aguilar Talavera and his brother, Martín Israel Aguilar Talavera, who was a flight attendant, who were referred to the Reclusorio Oriente, through case 95/2006 for organized crime, trafficking in undocumented persons and possession of weapons.

Later, in 2011, the pilot was contacted as part of an international operation to smuggle the son of the deposed Libyan governor Muamar Gadafi, Saadi Gada, and his family clandestine and false documents, according to information from the Attorney General’s Office. The Republic, in the complex and risky operation according to the preliminary investigation 147/2011, was the key player the businessman Christian Eduardo Esquino Núñez, owner of the Recreation and Fun and Star Wood Management companies.

The businessman would have provided a Hawker 800 plane in exchange for 145 thousand dollars, but the plan broke down because pilots Roberto Garcia Galindo, Mario Maborao Lagunes and Aguilar Talavera refused to continue the operation and reach Libyan territory.

Aguilar Talavera is one of the 13 people who traveled on the plane that disappeared first when I take off from Las Vegas to Monterrey, after going to the fight of ‘El Canelo’ Álvarez.

Yucatecan family, among those killed in the plane of Coahuila

This is Luis Octavio Reyes Domínguez, Pemex worker; his wife, Loyda Liliana Luna Larrosa and their three children

Five of the 14 passengers of the Bombardier Challenger plane that took off from Las Vegas and that had to land last Sunday afternoon in Monterrey are members of a family of Yucatecan origin.

This is Luis Octavio Reyes Domínguez, a worker for many years of Petróleos Mexicanos; his wife, Loyda Liliana Luna Larrosa and their three children, Guillermo Octavio Reyes Luna, Jade Paola Reyes Luna and Frida Alejandra Reyes Luna.

Apparently, the family of Yucatecan origin traveled to Las Vegas to witness the night of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and should return to Monterrey last Sunday.

Until now the authorities of Coahuila where the aircraft fell reported that they are in the search for passengers and unofficially speaking of 14 dead.

For years, for work reasons, Engineer Reyes Dominguez and his family moved their residence to Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, but occasionally came on vacation to see their relatives. The mayor of Progreso, Julian Zacarias Curi, said he did not personally know the family that was traveling in that plane from Las Vegas to Monterrey, but he did know of his origin and that they still have family in this progreso.

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