Mazatlan Gaviotas neighborhood zoned for multifamily


Of the five buildings that have been detected in Gaviotas, only one is licensed

Mazatlan, Sinaloa – Following a demonstration to demand a halt to the construction of condominium towers, the Director of Planning for Urban Development, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, said that the use of the Gaviotas and neighboring properties, Its zoning is in favor for construction of these multifamily towers, but work is being done to modify it.

“Together with the Implan, we will make the change from the Partial Land Use Change Plan, from the multifamily to the single family, and from there we will not be able to grant any permits for apartments,” stated Estavillo Kelly.

And noted that the Implan was the one who modified the use of land to allow the construction of these buildings.

“It would be necessary to enter the file to see when the Implan made the change of land use,” he said.

In addition, he said, of the five buildings that have been detected in the Gaviotas Fraccionamiento, only one is licensed to do so.

“Speaking of this colony in Gaviotas, there are five authorizations, of those five only one license has been delivered, the others have been paid, but the license has not been delivered,” specified Estavillo Kelly.

In the case of the El Dorado Fractionation, he said that only one license has been granted, but to expand and remodel an already existing house-room.

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