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Work carried out in Concordia to reactivate economy were artisan transcends

50 million pesos for jobs that have to do with roadways, underground wiring, sewage and sports

Concordia .- More than 50 million pesos in social work are carried out in the municipality of Concordia, assured the municipal president Felipe Garzón. 
The paving and underground wiring is nearing completion and works are being executed, such as the black water in the municipal capital with 5 million pesos.


Also, the work of the junction of the Town Hall Copala to Mazatlan-Durango, with a game of 25 million pesos.

This highway infrastructure seeks to detonate the economy of Copala and the surrounding communities. Right there, in Copala, there is a game of 8 million pesos for the rehabilitation of the old access road to Mazatlán-Durango.

Garzon explained that the State Government also authorizes 4.5 million for the renovation of facades of the first square of the city. 

The president explained that this development has materialized in these first six months of his administration. The governor of the state, Quirino Ordaz, has given full support to Concordia, since the works are joint resources between municipalities.

The majority are totally state-owned. He added that he is looking for resources in the Federation to continue attending demands of the people of Concordia.


Regarding security in the municipality, he stressed that there is peace and tranquility. He moves around the municipality without any problem, like families. The displaced continue to return to their communities.

It has the support of the Army in the high areas, the State Police and the municipal elements of Concordia.

Carpentry and pottery employ a large population of workers in the Concordia.

Concordia can be presumed that, in addition to being one of the most historically rich municipalities, it is a land of artisans whose technique and creativity has been polished for decades.

The quality of the products of carpentry and pottery has transcended beyond the borders of the municipality and today they have justified fame in states such as Guanajuato, Jalisco, Durango, and others.

The tradition of colonial furniture has been varied and now some of the woodworkers specialize in furniture of minimalist and modernist type. The potters, meanwhile, have begun to export their products out of the country with a variety of style and color that impresses those who attend the workshops. 

Source: el debate

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