Thousands of Mexicans march against AMLO


At the protest of  “Mexico Libre”, thousands of people dressed in white marched against  President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The meeting point was the Angel of Independence and at 11 o’clock the march progressed. In the beginning, the manifestation covered from the Angel to the Glorieta de la Palma, in Paseo de la Reforma, in Mexico City.

The call came from different points: intellectuals, civil organizations and former public officials. And not only in Mexico City, since in some states it was also replicated.

“Sátrapas, satraps,” a woman shouted in contra flow to the march.

“Pincha chaira, have you seen her?” Replied the white ones and from a car they shouted again to those who today go on foot: “pinches fachos”.

In a demonstration with few slogans, except for the adaptation made to one of the President’s shouts of support: “it is a horror to be with Obrador”, the demonstrators came out with placards claiming several of the facts by the President: from inflation to the border program.

“The call is for independent citizens, outside political parties, associations or leading groups,” says the blanket that heads the demonstration.

“To the story you will pass as the traitor of Mexico”, “Renunciation”, “I am totally fifi”, “President we are losing our jobs and our freedoms”, “Your actions are generating mistrust”, “AMLO do not divide”, are some of those that are read.

Five months after taking power, President López Obrador had its first mega march in several states of the country and Mexico City.

Thousands of Mexicans left on Sunday, May 5, in entities of the country to express their dissatisfaction with the policies being implemented by the Federal Government, such as the construction of the Mayan train, the cancellation of day care centers and health programs, the Texcoco Airport , among other.

Here some of the videos and photographs of social networks about the demonstrations.

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