Sinaloa: They denounce pollution and blockade in La Biznaga


Los Mochis, Sinaloa .- A barbed fence that protects a laboratory of larvae blocks the free passage to tourists and inhabitants of La Biznaga beach, in the Higuera de Zaragoza syndicate, north of the municipality of Ahome.

The visitors have to resign themselves to only enjoy scarce 300 meters of the beach since the other end is blocked by private individuals. 

The inhabitants point out that the company of larval nurseries also causes great pollution in the sea and this can be verified by observing a spot of around 12 meters at scarcely 4 meters from the coast and the laboratory. 

Security. In the place, two security centers are observed in which it is indicated that the passage to the place is prohibited. 


“It is obstructing the passage for people to the beach, and the tubes cause pollution and therefore there is no black or white clam, which prevents fishermen from obtaining these mollusks. The laboratory has already been installed here for several years and it was since November that they made the fence more forward, monopolizing the beach more and if a person passes by there the guards call their attention, “said Jesús Díaz.

He also mentioned that the wastewater from the laboratory goes to the estuary and this, in turn, goes to the sea, which causes black spots in the sea, affecting the marine fauna. “The same ones in the laboratory cause contamination. There are several laboratories here in the countryside, for 15 years they are here, we do not know if they sold these lands in La Despensa or what happened. ” 

In the place it was also observed that most of the beach belonging to the sectors of Las Salinas and La Biznaga has been hoarded by individuals who place fences of wires or logs thus preventing free passage for visitors.

Locked. It is not possible to circulate correctly and only the public beach is scarce 300 meters due to the barbed fence.


For his part, the lawyer Francisco Javier Castillo confirmed that this action to block the free passage of citizens violates Article 11 which stipulates the free movement of citizens, so he said that you have to investigate if this company has current permits from the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (Profepa), as well as from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) and if not, the citizen himself has the right to demonstrate.

And if they do not have permission, they (citizens) are competent to throw that away, there must be a right of way where they do not deprive the right to free passage to the citizen, they need to investigate that. Article 11 of the Constitution is violated with this.

Dump. The beach is also converted into a garbage dump by the tourists themselves who do not take their waste. 


Added to the maritime pollution another phenomenon that occurs in the place is the same laziness of tourists who flood the place with rubbish, turning it into a public dump.

Source: El Debate

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