Mexican President, continues to lie


Everyone responded, Sedena, Seneam, Presidency, SCT and the Airport Group of Mexico City, and the contracts with Airbus NavBlue – they do not exist !, and I do not say it, but the INAI.

Who is NavBlue? The queque superempresa (sarcasm) that secretary Jiménez Espriú, of the SCT, announced that it has as a consultant for the airport of Santa Lucia.

A month ago (March 25) I told you what this company is doing, “now really,” the studies of how to organize the airspace so that Saint Lucia and the AICM can operate. The same ones that last year told AMLO that both airports could operate at the same time. Obvious that is possible and if they coexist, but the increase the aerial capacity, it is another story.

In that note, only Seneam and Sedena answered me, but today I already have the answers also from the SCT, Mr President and GACM, where are those contracts with NavBlue, how much do they cost, how they were assigned. The answer is that there is NO contract information with NavBlue, did they disappear? , or did not they sign them? Also, it was last year when they gave their recommendation, then, how will they have been paid if they did not start the six-year term yet?

So, if in the near future it turns out that Santa Lucía just does not work, or that it is unsafe to fly and that neither Miter nor the FAA give their Vo Bo to land, you can blame NavBlue and Airbus.

I anticipate that soon we will begin to see an asymmetric ground in the foundations of NAIM , BUT not because it is poorly constructed, but because having no structures will begin to float the foundations of buildings ( as a terminal building, control tower and multimodal center) due to lack of weight or better, counterweights . And worse, as the 4Transformation did not foresee the withdrawal of the preload, it will sink to the bottom of the lake. In short, the NAIM has canceled the immediate growth of Mexico, which was contracted with absolute transparency and where there are no characters in jail or complaints against service providers .

Comparison between the NAIM and the Dos Bocas Refinery

I assure you and at the time I refer you, the two cost 13,000 million dollars. The NAIM was contracted with international contests transmitted live with the internet ; from the refinery everything is opaque . The NAIM is self-financing with the TUA; the refinery is fiscal money and also needs us to produce more oil that is very difficult in the next 6 years of six years (as today we produce 1.7 million barrels per day).

The refinery has a swampy soil, more difficult than the NAIM(it will be in Tabasco) it has a lot of potential to be flooded, because it is near a curve of the Grijalva; or save Villahermosa or save the refinery . It is attached to the sea, it is important to consider climate change and tsunamis. What will the world think? We have 6 or 7 refineries working at 30 percent capacityand a saturated AICM with 70 years of seniority .

Today Saint Lucia begins …

Labor reform, ‘made in’ Canada?

Today the discussion of the labor reform is foreseen, a key point for the ratification of the T-MEC , and that brings  CCE, Coparmex, Concamin, Canacintra, the Mexican Business Council , etc. In Canada they have always been very progressive in the labor issue and Trudeau wants to move on. In the US, the Democratswant to take it to improve in the next elections and the 4th, because it is a topic that AMLO has supported. Now, only we have a secret weapon, yes, Napo , Senator Gómez Urrutia, then we must not forget that his exile was in Canada and with the ‘unions’ he made great friendships.

By Lourdes Mendoza

Source: El Finaciero

The Mazatlan Post