Dog causes accident in Mazatlan and the owner leaves quietly


A dog caused two vehicles to collide on the Malecón de Mazatlán, Sinaloa. The owner of the animal left the place quietly

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Thousands of pesos in material losses was the balance of a clash between a public transport unit aurigas and a vehicle for private use, on Avenida Del Mar, between the streets Hamm and Rafael Domínguez of the Ferrocarrilera neighborhood at approximately 10:40.

According to the information provided, the vehicle of a particular gray color traveled from north to south along Del Mar Avenue, while the aurigas rear-ended the car

It was then that a person, who apparently is a tourist, walked with his dog on the sidewalk of the Malecon when he was momentarily detached from the leash and crossed the avenue.

The gray car suddenly braked in order to not run over the animal, and the transport car, not measuring the speed and not being able to brake, crashed in the back of the gray car.

A family of six members from Guanajuato, who are on holiday in the port, were traveling aboard the aurigas.

“Here the only one who was to blame was the person who did not take care of his dog, because if he had taken good care of it and it had not been released, none of this would have happened,” said Ricardo, one of the tourists aboard the aurigas.

After the crash both drivers left their vehicles and called their respective insurers, the dog’s owner left without any concern.

The place arrived personal Capta who was responsible for the roads of the avenue in what arrived municipal transit to do the corresponding procedures.

The owner of the dog quietly left the place.

Red Cross personnel also arrived who began to attend each one of the passengers of the auriga, who only presented slight jerks in the neck so it was not necessary the transfer to the hospital.

“We were treated immediately, right now the insurer gave us a pass to go to the hospital to check us, because although the Red Cross staff said that we did not have anything, it is not enough for us to go to the hospital,” said Ricardo.

After this action, the units were taken to the municipal corralón so that responsibilities could be demarcated.

Source: el debate

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