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Did you know Sinaloa has 11 volcanoes

Culiacán, Sin.- In the center of the country, there are volcanoes with great importance and monitoring because of its great volcanic activity and tourist boom, as well as a symbol of identity. But in the adverse case, 11 volcanoes have been identified in the state of Sinaloa, where the UNAM geologist Alfredo Galaviz Solís emphasizes that at least 11 volcanic structures are registered in the state that do not generate activity, and he calls them “dead volcanoes”.

The report that was made known by residents of the community of Yecorato and Chavira , where a crack with gases was observed in the same community, this situation has awakened an unknown among the residents due to the fear that there will be some major volcanic activity in the future.

Through cartographies of the Faculty of Earth Sciences of the UAS some years ago, the list of some of the most known volcanoes in Sinaloa:

Volcano of cerro cabezón

It is the northernmost on the coast of Sinaloa , located between the municipalities of Ahome and Guasave , by the sea. It is identified as a prominent hill, and at the foot of it was established the fishing field called El Cerro Cabezón.

This volcano gave origin to the coastal elevations known as Sierra de San Ignacio , composed of hills and islands. From the top of the hill you can see how the circumference of the crater extends towards the area of ​​the pantheon of the town, and the road revolves around it. It is a pleasant experience to climb this great elevation. Doing so requires a lot of care, as it has sections of dangerous escarpments.

Botamanea Volcano

The municipality of Badiraguato has at least 3 volcanoes, but the best known and most coastal is the Batamanea Volcano. It is located next to the El Comedero dam on the border with the municipality of Culiacán, very close to the Pericos Mocorito syndicate .

The Batamanea volcano is distinguished by having a large lake in the crater. At the bottom and around the crater there are established dwellings, and agriculture is practiced.

Tecomate volcano

The so-called El Tecomate sierrita is located in the coastal region bordering the municipalities of Navolato, Culiacán, Mocorito and Angostura, it is the seat of another of the coastal volcanoes.

In the Mocorito strip, the Melchor Ocampo community is located , and in the Angostura community, the community of Chinitos . There are two conical elevations, among them the Cerro del Mahoma , and the Cerro de la mona, which are part of the volcanic structure that originated the coastal elevations of Angostura, Mocorito and Navolato .

Marble Volcano

This volcano is associated with the community of Mármol, in the municipality of Mazatlán , but its crater and its point of location is undefined in the cartographies. However, its eruption gave rise to the Mesca de Cacaxtla, today constituted as a federal reserve, composed mostly of basaltic rocks.

The influence of the Mármol volcano is very significant, since because it is located on the sea shore it has geological cuts on the beach with cliffs in Barras de Piaxtla and Marmol.

The Cacaxtla Plateau reserve has jungles teeming with wildlife in extravagant species, from jaguar, American lion, other mammals, reptiles and a great diversity of birds.

Alarcón volcano under water

The Alarcón volcano is the most surprising of the volcanoes in the state of Sinaloa, as it was recently discovered and its studies released until 2012. It is in the category of active or living volcanoes.

The Alarcon volcano is located at 3 thousand 300 meters under the Sea of ​​Cortez in front of the beaches of Altata, Pone and Ceuta on the Sinaloa side, and in front of the beaches of Cabo Pulmo, next to Los Cabos, on the side of Baja California Sur.

The scientists are sending robots to the bottom of the sea to take images and rock samples with the purpose of studying the volcanic activity and the possible impact that it can generate before an eruption, due to the constant seismic activity.

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