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No more robberies on the Durango-Mazatlán highway

Before the “Semana Santa” and Easter Week holiday period, several robberies were reported on the Durango – Mazatlán highway, including the theft of several cars on board an auto hauling truck.

With the implementation of the Mixed Operation Bases (Bases de Operaciones Mixtas “BOM”), federal and state authorities have been monitoring the roads of the state of Sinaloa in a more effective way.

According to State officials, 25 agents of the State Attorney General’s office, 25 Public Security officers, members of the Mexican Army, Civil Protection personnel and even staff of the Health Secretariat have been supervising these roads in order to prevent any criminal activity in the area.

“We have managed to stop the highway robberies in the area, during the holiday period absolutely no incidents were registered, and we intend to keep it this way,” said Adrián Alanis Quiñones, Durango Secretary General of the state government.

The Mazatlan Post with information from El Sol de Durango

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