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Mexicans ranked 31st in the world ranking of penis size, who the first?

Worldwide, the average size of the penis is 14 centimeters, while a longer member (and that at the time of sex does not hurt … so much) can reach 17.93, according to the statistics site Datos.com, which ensures that there is no other topic that is so requested.

Their results showed that it is the Congolese who are in the first place (17.93 centimeters), followed by Ecuador and Colombia with 17.61 and 17.03 centimeters respectively. On the other hand, the Brazilians, of whom undoubtedly the majority expected more, place themselves in the 8th place with 16.10 centimeters.

In contrast, Mexicans appeared in the 31st position of the list with 14.90 centimeters; above has Hungary (14.99) and down to Austria (14.53). But before they are disappointed, it is necessary to explain that, for example, the men of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, measure around 168 centimeters in height, while the Mexicans also. (Ok, we do not find justification).

In this regard, the portal Cybercuba warns that in Latin American and Caribbean countries, “from an ‘ancestral macho tradition’, the length of the male organ can awaken complexes or raise self-esteem,” as the case may be, even when there is no evidence to link the size of the penis to other physical characteristics such as, as argued David Veale, professor of psychology in London.

How is a penis measured?

The research also showed that a flaccid penis has a length of 9.16 centimeters while being erect reaches 13.12. To achieve the aforementioned data, numerous studies were analyzed in which it is clarified that the correct way to measure a penis is the following:

To know the exact length always measure from the top of the root of the stem to the top of the glans. If a fat pad is located above the root of the penis, it can be pressed slightly inward during the measurement.

Source: noticiaszmg

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