Have You Heard Of Japanese Mariachis? This Is MARIACHI SAMURAI


“¡Échale Mariachi Samurai!”

You’ve heard of Japanese cholos, but have you heard of Japanese mariachis?

Regional Mexican music has a power that transcends culture.  Whatever language you speak, mariachi music speaks to your heart – and Mariachi Samurai are proof.

Twenty years ago, Osamu Hosegawa, A.K.A. Sam Moreno, traveled to Mexico as a solo singer to learn rancheras. He fell in love with the music and when he returned to his native Japan, he began recruiting musicians to start his own mariachi band.

He started with just himself on the guitar and a couple of violinists; now, Mariachi Samurai has a trio of violinists, plus trumpets, guitars, a traditional guitarrón mexicano, and even a folklorico duo. 

Check out their version of “Serenata Huasteca”…

Vicente’s classic “Volver, volver”…

y “Son de la Negra”…

The group’s MC, Sawaka Katalyna, was born in Japan, but grew up in Guadalajara and speaks flawless Spanish. 

Sawaka, who now lives in Japan, used to go and listen to Mariachi Samurai perform, to feed her soul with a little music from her “segunda patria.”  Sawaka knew the songs, so Sam asked her to sing, and, eventually, to join the group. 

Sawaka and the rest of the crew recently tested their skills against Mexican mariachis at the Guadalajara Music Festival.

The group’s dedication and love of regional Mexican music shows in every performance, an inspiring cross-cultural connection and appreciation. ¡Felicidades!

Source: chilango, wearelatinlive

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