A Gringo PSA: Please Remove the Husks Before You Eat Tamales


Through a viral Twitter thread, we recently learned that there are countless of gringos who didn’t realize that you had to unwrap tamales before they could be consumed. Apparently, people just dug right in – corn husk and all – and obviously, they hated it because the hoja de maíz is not meant to be eaten.

We just came across a tweet from @ChavezTheRapper, which gathered a few people realizing that you have to remove the corn husk, and we haven’t stopped thinking about it since. The comments showed several people agreeing with OP, who said she “always thought tamales tasted like shit…I didn’t know you were supposed to unroll them.”

“Omg me either,” one person responded. “And not one fucking person corrected me when I ate the husk at the Mexican restaurant I was at with my ex’s family. They were all white, so maybe they didn’t know, either.”

Since then, more people have weighed in with similar experiences.

And of course, incredulous people have reacted accordingly.

Thought it was news to us that so many people ate tamales incorrectly, we knew it had happened to Gerald Ford as he ran for president in 1976. At the time, the blunder was known as “The Great Tamale Incident.” Some believe that the incident cost him the presidency.

Tamales are literally presents and you need to unwrap them before you can enjoy the masa-filled goodness. Also, if you come across a tamal wrapped in plantain leaves, please don’t eat that either.

 By Yara Simón

Source: remezcla

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