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Mexico complied with labor reforms, now it is up to the United States to approve the USMCA

On the other hand, the president was in favor of the INE overseeing the electoral process of the teachers union in order to avoid fraud and mismanagement.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he was happy, satisfied, for the approval of the labor reform in the Senate, and asserted that this fulfills the commitment made with the United States government to sign and ratify the Treaty. Commercial between Mexico, the United States and Canada (USMCA) between both countries and Canada.

“We are demonstrating that in Mexico we fulfilled the commitments, it was said that this reform was going to be approved and we have already complied, now it is up to the United States government, the legislators, to finish approving the free trade agreement. We are fulfilling and we want that free trade agreement with the United States and Canada, “he said.

At a press conference, he stressed that when this reform is approved, adhering to what international standards require in terms of the defense of labor rights, two purposes are fulfilled, since, in addition to fulfilling a commitment with the United States, it benefits to Mexican workers because union democracy is established.

It would be extraordinary if, based on the labor reform approved by the Senate, the union elections of the Mexican magisterium are organized by the INE, since it will be possible to carry out a free process, without the purchase of votes and without threats, considered the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

At a morning press conference in the National Palace, the federal president said that the changes to the constitutional article 123 imply freedom for workers to freely choose their leaders, including workers at the service of the State: “Teachers will also have to choose to their union leaders with free, direct, secret vote, “he said.

Although he did not mention the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), he pointed out that “it would be extraordinary” for the National Electoral Institute (INE) to organize elections among the teaching workers at the service of the State, “it would be one more step”, and He also mentioned the oil union, where there should be freedom of association.

López Obrador said that the election of the national magisterium in charge of the INE, would allow the teachers “to choose their union leaders with free, direct, secret vote and the truth is going to be very interesting to see an election to see who will be their leaders “

He even considered that union democracy could also occur within the oil union: “Imagine in the Oil Union! They are demanding it from me (the workers), but I can not intervene!”, Said the head of the federal Executive.

Old methods

He recalled that previously, workers had to show their identification at the time of casting their vote, however, they were watched by their leaders, “they had to show their identification and of course there were reprisals. A union representative pointed. Now that is over and we are going to take care that what is in the law is respected, that there is no simulation, “he said.

Regarding the Austerity Law, he trusted the senators to approve it so that there will no longer be any luxuries in the government, although he recalled that the high public officials no longer have a special savings fund or private medical attention, besides that they were canceled travel in private planes or helicopters.

“There have already been many austerity measures, but the Law must be approved because other measures are coming, such as the use of vehicles. They will not buy new vehicles, nor will they rent vehicles in the government, throughout the administration, “he said.

He stressed that only ambulances, equipment for firefighters and for the elements of security and civil protection will be acquired, in addition, travel abroad will be minimized. “They will be authorized by the president, he will not be able to leave the country if there is no authorization and a special commission that deserves it.

He reiterated that his will be a completely austere government, “these measures are already being taken, but we are waiting for the approval of this law so that there is no rich government with poor people,” emphasized the president who had as special guests several children in the Children’s Day framework.

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