El Rosario Spring Fair, a centennial celebration


The origins of this tradition go back to 1880 and it was strictly religious; by the end of the 19th century, the festivities acquired a more popular appearance and meant a showcase.

El Rosario .- The Spring Fair is one of the celebrations of the municipality of Rosario with more tradition and roots in southern Sinaloa. El Rosario, for having been one of the richest towns in the northwest of the country, had a kind of explosion in all cultural senses, and one of these was the creation of a particular festival: the Spring Fair.

The origins

The chronicler of El Rosario, Leopoldo H. Bouttier, commented that the Spring Fair began to be celebrated in the neighborhood of La Cruz almost a century and a half ago, and was strictly religious. 

He even noted that in newspapers of the 19th century, as in the case of the repography published by the ex-cronist Don Carlos Hubbard in 1955, where he refers to the newspaper called The Post Office, which announced the Spring Fair as a popular celebration Rosarense famous since 1880.

The historian stressed that this means that this celebration was established 139 years ago in the city. There are even photographs from that time where from the Melchor Ocampo street to the temple of La Cruz you can see the branches that were used for the stalls, and that are still being used in these times.

However, by the end of the 19th century, the festivities took on a more popular aspect and meant a showcase for everyday life, since in the 1930s and 1940s, most people spent all day working under the ground, in the mines, so these days were to escape the routine and spend them with the family.

Even at that time the parties were so popular, that a bullring was built to celebrate bullfights, which were the best bullfighters in the country and national artists.

The evolution

The chronicler says that over the years, the places to celebrate this party changed and also began to give a twist to the cultural, with presentations of orchestras, election of queens of the Floral Games and presentations of poetic compositions. 

Bouttier mentioned that despite the changes that the Spring Fair has had over the years, it has not stopped being one of the most popular festivals and that also gives Rosarenses identity.

“I invite all Rosars to attend these parties. This year there will be multitudinous events, in addition to the City Council, led by our municipal president, has done a great job to bring quality events and has also worked on the promotion of these holidays, “he said. 

The evolution

From April 30 to May 10, the festivity of Rosario will have as star artists singer-songwriter Horacio Palencia, who will offer a concert on May 5, while Banda El Recodo, will return to this municipality after 20 years of absence, with a great concert on May 10. 

Both shows with a capacity of 15 thousand people, will be free, but access to the football stadium where the concerts will be controlled with tickets that will be distributed in the coming days through various mechanics which have already been distributed in the urban area and rural. 

  Source: el debate

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