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Big Fish Kids event receives thousands of smiles

With a great atmosphere, the fishing tournament for children of EL DEBATE takes place

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The rods were released with the illusion of having fun, having a good time and being able to win a prize.

In the 2019 edition of the Big Fish Kids fishing tournament of EL DEBATE, an authentic party was lived with a loyal competition in search of the best specimens on the waters of La Puntilla dock in Mazatlan.

Many were the participants, but few were the lucky winners, who retired with their arms raised and a smile on their faces, after receiving modern tablets and pretty bicycles, as well as sweets.

In a competition where children and adults had fun, there were eight winners and four of them were first places.

The winners

One of the lucky ones who stood out was Rodrigo Enciso, who won the first place in the Snappers category. 

The 7-year-old boy managed to capture a 4 kg pommel with 400 grams, which earned him to be by far the best in his category, which rewarded the participants from 6 to 9 years old. In the smallest category, the triumph was for the girl Romina Nicole Anderon Cuevas, who with only 4 years, was the youngest winner (Alevín). 

Rodrigo Enciso posing with a colorful model. Photo: Sergio Pérez

This after capturing a one kilo and 695 gram balloon fish. In addition, he was also able to capture a little cochito during the competition, thus being entitled to a bicycle. 

Janeth Guadalupe Ibarra was erected in the Coconacos category, after finding the second competitive winner on the water. Janeth left with a tablet in her hands after being the best in her category. 

Janeth Guadalupe Ibarra won a tablet. Photo: Sergio Pérez


The competition also served as a rematch, since Enzo Alejandro Maciel Núñez took first place in the Robalos category, after catching a one and a half kilo boat to take the tablet and remove the thorn from previous editions.

Source: El Debate

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