The city will acquire 15 hectares to provide housing in Mazatlan


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  The local government, through the housing and land tenure management, is in the process of acquiring two properties, located south of Mazatlán, at the Ejido El Castillo, to be able to count on territorial reserves. , revealed Raúl Carvajal Tirado.

The local official said that between the two properties add a size of 15 hectares to offer more than 550 lots, and thus meet a part of the great demand for housing in the municipality. 

 “We are looking at two farms to the south of Mazatlan, of at least each one of six or seven hectares, I believe that between them they total 15 hectares; in one is already divided, there are 300 lots and the other, I think they are about 250, that is, that sends a signal that we are addressing this unfortunate lag that exists for lack of housing, “he said.

He indicated that each year the Housing and Land Tenure Directorate receives an average of five thousand applications, and if this is added to the demands for families displaced as a result of the violence, the final figure is very high.  

 “There is an average demand of five thousand homes per year, of that size is the population growth of Mazatlan, and extraordinary, are demanded three thousand 500 more homes for the displaced, due to the phenomenon of violence in the municipalities adjacent to this port”

“… then, we are talking about there being an immediate need for eight thousand or eight ml 500 homes,” he said.  

Carvajal Tirado said that another alternative, which is already working in conjunction with the State Congress, is to rescue the 22,000 abandoned homes in Mazatlan so that they can be reassigned to families that demand a housing to live.

Source: linea directa

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