Mazatlan one of the most economical tourist destination in Mexico


Tourists assure that the port is one of the most beautiful destinations and with the most accessible rates, since the day spends between five hundred to three thousand pesos

Mazatlan, Sin- Thousands of tourists continue to enjoy Mazatlan touring the attractions offered by the destination, as they claim to be an accessible port in its entirety, especially in the prices handled by various sectors, such as transportation, hotels, restaurants, and gastronomy.

Visitors from Culiacán, Toluca, Coahuila, Guadalajara and Mexico said that they spend between five hundred to three thousand pesos per day, be it in food, entrance fees to the Aquarium, transportation, dives and in typical Mazatlan snacks, including chocolates.

“Yes they are accessible, even though at first I thought not, but no, these are accessible.”

“It’s very good, it’s one of the cheapest and prettiest ports, how much do you spend per day? five hundred pesos per person per day. ” 

“They seem accessible to me, I think in some cases they exceed, but really if they are accessible, I’ll stay with Mazatlan.”

“When the holidays approach everything goes up, we pay it because we want to go out, we want to enjoy”.

The families say they will stay until Sunday 28 to enjoy the legendary Moto Week, since year after year they arrive at the port on these dates to enjoy the activities that take place in this activity that is a tradition for the destination tourist.  

Source: linea directa

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