New megaproject will populate Cerritos beach, with 343 luxury residences


The project will be located 926 meters from the beach Cerritos, municipality of La Paz, which provides for the construction of buildings and residential areas

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS ). Recently, an Environmental Impact Statement for the construction of a residential area in the vicinity of Los Cerritos Beach, municipality of La Paz , was presented to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), which envisages the creation of 343 homes, 4 pools and jacuzzis.

The project called “Cabo Cerritos”, in charge of the company Destination Homes, SA de CV , covers an area of ​​70,084.5 square meters (m2), which will be developed in 2 properties of Ejido El Pescadero,which give an area of ​​75,585 .52 m2.

According to the document presented, the infrastructure to be built could have a usefulness of at least 50 years, however, the company promised that this period will continue indefinitely.

The development site is located at about kilometer 89 of the trans-peninsular highway from La Paz to Cabo San Lucas ; 14.6 km south of Todos Santos, 3 km south of Pescadero, 926 m from ” Los Cerritos” beach .

For its part, the company explained that the area requested for the change of land use, with forest vegetation to be dismantled, is 6,459,943 m2. If approved, this process would be carried out over a period of 4 months, gradually.

The promoter estimates an investment for the stage of preparation of the site and construction of an amount of 294.1 million pesos, as well as the “possibility of hiring personnel who reside in El Pescadero , Todos Santos and La Paz” , both for the construction process , as the operation of it.  

In this regard, it was reported that there would be a total of 67 houses of 2 levels; as well as 2 towers of 14 units each; 4 towers of 6 levels, with 32 housing units; and finally, 2 towers with 6 levels and 60 housing units. In total there will be 343 tourist residences.

There are also 4 swimming pools, with surfaces of 395 to 419 m2, totaling 1,636,104 m2; On the banks there will be surfaces that have a Jacuzzi function, 6 in total, totaling 150.66 m2, as well as a palapa with 80.79 m2 and a garden as a reason for entry.

In the same way, the project foresees the construction of 13,173 m2 of parking and 7,714 m2 of internal roads, as well as a restaurant, whose specifications were not named in the document.

The clearing will occur gradually, over 4 months. However, it is requested that the MIA be valid for 10 years, due to the fact that the start date of activities is unknown and the change in land use will take place in the first months, he adds.  

Finally, it is estimated that upon obtaining the corresponding authorizations, the construction process will allocate one year to the preparation of the site, starting with the adequacy of the soil, excavations of foundations and introduction of services.

The construction of the buildings and residences will be given over 4 years, adding the previous preparation, so it will be 5 years; the project can be in the term of 5 to 10 years.

Source: bcsnoticias

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