After enjoying Mazatlan tourists return to their destinations


The visitors assured to see much development and novelties in this edition of Holy Week

Mazatlan , Sinaloa .- look to the stop bus stations in Mazatlan, thousands of visitors to return to their places of origin, especially those from the state, as many sinaloans took the opportunity to visit Mazatlan.

For the most part, visitors recognized seeing new attractions and infrastructure development, and enjoyed free events such as concerts and mini carnival .

We had a great time, we came often, we are from Culiacán. If we look at many new things, many constructions, we see a lot of progress. Rafael Sandoval, from Culiacán.

The number of users tripled during Sunday.

Magdalena López, from Los Mochis, was very interested in security measures, clean beaches and free events.

“The truth was much better, I’ve come almost every year, we came from Los Mochis, I was very safe, much cleaner, more orderly people, very much a father, we went to Los Tucanes last night, I’m very happy “he commented.

José Díaz, visitor from Culiacán.

For his part, Julio Higuera, a resident of Culiacán, said he liked the modern buildings that are currently being made in the port.

Julio Higuera and Rafael Sandoval de Culiacán.

“You can see that this Mazatlan is under development and I even think it is more in progress than in Culiacán, something very important that I must emphasize is that they are modern buildings, I liked it a lot,” he said.

Cristina and Camila Hubbard and Magdalena López, visitors of Los Mochis.


5 of 10 perceived greater security

9 out of 10 saw the cleanest beaches

10 of 10 noticed a better organization

10 of 10 enjoyed the free concerts

Source: sol de mazatlan

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