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Reported influx of more than 130 thousand bathers on beaches of Mazatlan

On the first holy day, visitors and porteños make the beaches a place of conviviality and fun; no problems are reported, according to authorities

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Isla de la Piedra

MAZATLÁN._ The beaches of Mazatlán showed great affluence this Holy Thursday, from the Isla de la Piedra to Cerritos, where the family atmosphere was heavily guarded by the authorities of the three levels of government.

playa norte

The Aquatic Rescue Squadron estimated the attendance of some 27 thousand people, from Isla de la Piedra to Playa Brujas, in Cerritos, but it is expected that today the figure will be around 130 thousand bathers.

Families and people in general began arriving massively from 11:00 am, although from early on people were already looking on the beaches looking to take their place.

From early on, street vendors and semi-fixed stalls got ready to work in the best season of the year with sale of all kinds of items for the beach, such as umbrellas, hats, sunglasses, crafts and multiple souvenirs with the legend of Mazatlan. In addition to seafood, coconuts, fruits, tostilocos and other beach cravings.

In the beach area of ​​the Malecon, the most demanded in this holiday period, the umbrellas began to be installed, which, in the distance, gave a multicolored spectacle.

And on the beaches of the Golden Zone, regional, national and foreign tourism brought its own, with a great demand for recreational services, such as bananas and parachutes, which according to reports have increased their prices for the season.

The traffic registered for slow lapses in the morning, but without generating traffic jams; the Police se Transit tried to streamline the ranks.

The musicians authorized from early on also began to make the journey to bring sustenance to their families.

From bands to nortenos, even, people who offered their voice to the beat of a guitar or tape recorder, made their fight.

The modules installed on the pier served dozens of tourist complaints, and received several reports of missing children, which were located by their families.

To corroborate that all the Integral Operative of Holy Week 2019 was “oiled”, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, made a walking tour of the beaches of the Golden Zone.

“We implemented an Integral Operative from Isla de la Piedra to Playa Brujas to protect and take care of the tourist and the Mazatleco, so I have been supervising that all the security modules are installed, that there are people squaring the cleaning and all the details that we implemented, so that the tourist will take the best face of Mazatlan, so that they return “, expressed the Mayor.

In the tour, the Municipal President talked with tourists and beach merchants, whom he invited to enjoy the port, but above all he called them not to leave the garbage on the beach.

Accompanied by staff of the Profeco, he invited all merchants not to abuse the prices on the products they sell, since that causes a bad image for the destination and malaise between tourists and locals.

Due to the weather conditions, it was reported that Harbor Master’s Office closed the port to the smaller vessels.

They call to respect pennants

Among the recommendations, it is important to respect the signals of the Water Rescue Squadron and not to enter the sea immediately after eating or having drunk intoxicating drinks.

Veronica Miramontes Lopez, social worker and operational police responsible for the module with Monument to the Fisherman, said that the most common are children lost, so he urged tourists and locals not to neglect their children, especially when they drink alcoholic beverages .

In addition to taking risks, they distract the work of security forces and lifeguards, stationed at different points in the coastal zone.


 Carpa Olivera

 Pinitos Beach

 Monument to the Fisherman



 Hotel Las Flores

 Stone island

 El Capitano Restaurant

 Bruges Beach


The chaos of Avenida del Mar seizes

The road chaos seized yesterday afternoon from the Avenida del Mar, after the closure to vehicular circulation of the direction south of that road

And it is that the closure that began shortly before 18:00 hours coincided with the departure of hundreds of bathers to their homes or places of lodging.

The traffic congestion was also presented in the avenues Rafael Buelna and Camarón Sábalo, in the Golden Zone.

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