Puerto Vallarta Hosts International Mariachi Fair April 22-24


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – The Semana Santa and Pascua holidays are a time of celebration with plenty of cultural activities and music to enjoy in cities throughout Mexico, so what better time to host a Mariachi Festival? And since the Mariachi originated in the State of Jalisco, what better place to host that festival than in Puerto Vallarta?

From April 22-24, Puerto Vallarta will host the 2019 International Mariachi Fair, an event designed and organized to promote the tradition of Mariachi and the Mexican culture on a local, national and international level.

Recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Mariachi is a timeless Mexican tradition that goes beyond influential music – it is the sum of a cultural revolution, encompassing the essence of Mexico with elaborate costumes, rhythmic dancing and patriotic values. Discover its complex origins, its distinctive musical elements, and above all its deep-rooted significance to the people of Mexico – right here in Puerto Vallarta!

The director of the International Mariachi Fair, Héctor Turrubiates, said that it was decided to hold this event in Puerto Vallarta because this popular vacation destination is one of the gateways for international tourism in Mexico.

Héctor Turrubiates explained that, in addition to musical presentations, the Mariachi Fair will feature workshops, contests, conferences and training for not only mariachi groups, but for anyone who is interested in this musical genre that is part of the essence, identity and national culture of Mexico.

In addition to private events, public galas will be held so that all visitors and locals can enjoy a first class show, since the main objective of the event is to achieve a broad exposure of mariachi music as a pillar of Mexican identity.

“We chose Vallarta because there are many national and international tourists and many members of the mariachi music guild here,” Turrubiates said.

The organizer added that musicians who wish to become professionals will have an opportunity to participate in the Mariachi International Music Congress, which will attended by some of the best mariachis and 15 of the best teachers of this genre.

He also announced that there will be Mexican Folkloric dance performances, lectures on social media networks, musical instrument sales and production, and just about everything that has to do with the music industry that supports the diffusion of mariachi.


Héctor Turrubiates said that after the Congress there will be four mariachi galas: the first one will be held at the International Convention Center on April 24, where awards will be given to the best Mariachi musicians. Afterward, a concert featuring the Mariachi Corona and the Mariachi Estrella de México groups will bring the Congress to a spectacular close.

On the 25th there will be a free concert with Folkloric ballet on the Puerto Vallarta Malecón; while on April 26th and 27th, eight of the best mariachi groups in the country will perform at Teatro Vallarta, in a show called Yo soy de Jalisco (“I am from Jalisco”).

The mariachis Toritos, San Francisco, Corona, Guadalajara, Estrella de México, Real de Oro and Jalisco es México will participate in all of these activities. “There are private and public concerts, the free ones on the Malecón will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday…”

The organizer added that 20 mariachi groups will participate in all of the events, 13 of them are coming to take classes, that is, 150 students, while the others are elite mariachis who will be performing at private shows.

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust congratulates this initiative, considering that this is a great international showcase of Mexican folklore, and during the Easter Week holidays, national and international tourists can enjoy the best of Mexican music par excellence.

Source: banderasnews

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