Increase fees for tables and chairs on beaches of Mazatlan


The cost of the rent is equivalent to the time you spend on the beach, so families can go without burden and worries

Mazatlan , Sinaloa .- Sometimes going to the beach with an umbrella, chairs and tables , it is impossible, especially during Holy Week, when the accesses are usually more saturated by people looking to enjoy the sea, that is why throughout the coasts of entrepreneurs offer rental services, so that families enjoy a moment without worries.

Carlos Limón, who for 30 years has dedicated himself to the rental of furniture and recreational activities, pointed out that many families come looking for the package of an umbrella , table, and four chairs since it is the most economical and they can eat comfortably.

Ricardo Lopez, Playa Gaviotas service provider

We have in 200 pesos the umbrella package, with table and four chairs, if you want an extra chair you can rent them at 20 pesos. We are just waiting for the people to arrive, it is very quiet. People have not seen each other honestly like other years, last year the beach was already full early.

Carlos Limón.

Ricardo López, who also works in the same area, reported that in addition to renting furniture, visitors and locals have the possibility of boarding a kayak or riding a sailboat, which has the only requirement, in addition to paying for the service, put on a life jacket.

Carlos Limón, service provider for more than 30 years

“When we have activities like sailboats, 700 pesos goes out for three or four people, depending on how they are, they all wear vests, it is obligatory, and if they do not want to put on a vest we do not upload it, we have to see for their safety first”.

At the moment they are waiting for the arrival of tourism, which usually occurs from Wednesday, April 17 onwards, so they predict those will be the days where more profits will be recorded.



25 Chair (each)

50 Table (Without chairs)

100 Parasol (Individual)

200 Umbrella, with table and four chairs

100 Table Boogie Board (Per hour)

700 Sailboat (three to four people)

Source: el sol de mazatlan

The Mazatlan Post