Mexican creates a vaccine against HIV; his name is Max Medina Ramírez


The key is to stimulate the immune system to develop bNAbs before the virus attacks.

The Mexican Max Medina Ramírez created a possible vaccine against HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), capable of training neutralizing antibodies that prevent the spread of infection.

Science MX the postdoctoral researcher of the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam, in Holland, stabilized the structure of the virus (called trimer ) that mocks the immune system using protein engineering techniques and modified to favor the activation of precursor B cells of bNAbs , which prevent infections.

The next step is to test it in a study

The first results were published through the Journal of Experimental Medicine. In them, favorable results are presumed in animals but a second version of the drug is announced, which is expected to be tested in a clinical study as part of its second phase. “The objective is to start a clinical study over the next twelve months, we are currently in the stage of production of this experimental vaccine “MAX MEDINA RAMÍREZ.

The bNAbs develop naturally 

This could be possible because at least 50 percent of people living with HIV naturally develop bNAbs and these antibodies neutralize most viruses . The reason why this has not caused an impact is because they usually arise a year after the victim was infected and by that time the virus has already found a place to hide. 

That is, the key lies in stimulating the immune system to develop bNAbs before the virus attacks. What makes this research very important is that unlike other groups that do not maintain the native structure of the HIV envelope, in this and it is essential to achieve the desired success. 

Source: EFE, Notimex

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