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Mazatlan is sun, sea, sand and … cigarette butts

Wenceslao Narciso Cruz reported that despite the efforts made, people still leave waste on the beach, which if not removed in time reach the sea and cause environmental damage.

Mazatlan , Sinaloa. – As part of the Holy Week operation, where not only the security aspect is considered, it is also taken into account to keep the beaches clean, it was announced that cleaning brigades would conduct tours to help achieve this goal, but Despite these efforts, people continue to leave waste in the sand.

Wenceslao Narciso Cruz, an inspector of the Department of Ecology and Environment, said that there is still a lot of lack of awareness on the part of those who visit the beaches, where every day they collect debris such as bottle caps, styrofoam and especially cigarette butts.

The container authorities are installed along the tourist strip.

It is lack of culture, some people are aware, but also has to see that they are already drunk, they leave the garbage, they do not take it away and even destroy their cork coolers, and that stays here and you can go to the sea.

Wenceslao Narciso Cruz.

He said that the beach is cleaned twice a day, as well as the tractor is moved to collect larger debris, in turn, more garbage cans have been installed, so he hopes that people with the passage of time will take Count the recommendations and respect the beaches.

Wenseslao Narciso Cruz, Inspector of the Department of Ecology and Environment.

There is initiative, just lack of conscience

With the arrival of Holy Week garbage cans were installed on the Avenida Del Mar, as well as on the beaches of the port, this initiative was joined by restaurants and hoteliers installing outside of their businesses, by the sea and in the zones tourist, extra containers so that people who visit the beach have no excuse and deposit the waste in its place.

Added to this are civil society campaigns such as “Orillas sin colillas”, where they make available manually decorated metallic containers to be used as ashtrays, and so those filters do not remain in the sand.

Civil society also come together with campaigns for clean beaches

The data

Tobacco has about four thousand recognized chemical substances; Among them are nicotine, tar, ammonia and polonium 210, all carcinogenic and influential in the deaths of six million people a year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The filter of cigarettes is cellulose acetate, the fastest-evaporating element of the cigar.

The combination of the aforementioned substances, with the components of the cigarette butt, its degradation time ranges from one to ten years.

Cigarette butts, the most found residue in the sand

The damage that causes cigarette butts to reach the sea, harming marine species, because according to a study published by the British Medical Journal, he pointed out that only 1.8 butts with tobacco remains per liter are needed to kill marine water species and 4.3 butts per liter to affect those of fresh water.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan

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