Mazatlan: Changing the direction of Avenida Gaviotas in the hotel zone


Transit of Mazatlan began to apply measures to avoid traffic congestion in the hotel zone and one of these was the change of direction of Gaviotas Avenue. 
From the morning of this Wednesday the circulation in that road is towards the south, when normally it is towards the north, same as in the past administration he that suspended the one way road. 
On Camarón Sábalo Avenue, the turn to the left was closed, which was how the motorists used to take that road, it was also turned off, and a traffic agent was assigned to speed up the traffic in case of problems.

Wednesday it was fluid on Camaron-Sábalo, although in some places the vehicular concentration caused by a driver who parked badly or because the lights do not last long enough in between El Cid and the Gold Coast is given. 
On the boardwalk it is possible to circulate well, only between the avenue Insurgentes and Rafael Buelna a long row of cars is made and if the Reformation is taken, the same thing happens, due to lack of road agents.

Source: rasnoticias

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